We are blessed with pristine nature all around, nestled in between hundreds of palm trees, lush mangroves and the sound of the Indian Ocean. Elements beach hotel Sri Lanka is literally surrounded by flat water lagoons and the ocean. With Kite Center Sri Lanka we are based at the best kite spot in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. The Kappalady reef in front of our beach restaurant is the habitat of large schools of tropical fish and home of the largest pods of spinner dolphins in the world. Thus we are at THE hotspot for kitesurfing, scuba diving as well as dolphin watching and whale watching in Sri Lanka.

Our Lagoon Villas and Coconut Cabanas are smartly designed to minimize the carbon footprint. Adapting efficient insulation concepts, capturing the fresh sea breeze for inside cooling and together with the use of indigenous construction materials like coconut leaves, local wood and concrete they considerably contribute to the green holiday concept.

We have implemented a systematic waste recycling and beach cleaning scheme and thus contribute to the social and environmental sustainability in Sri Lanka.